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Introducing our Melting Spray and Melt Band Bundle, the ultimate duo for flawless wig installations!

Our Wig Lace Melting Spray is specifically formulated to create a seamless and natural-looking hairline. It effectively blends the lace with your skin, giving you a truly undetectable finish. Say goodbye to visible edges and hello to a flawless melt.


To ensure a secure and comfortable fit, our Melt Band is the perfect companion. This adjustable band provides extra support, keeping your wig in place throughout the day. No more worries about shifting or readjusting – simply enjoy your flawless look with confidence.


With our Melting Spray and Melt Band Bundle, achieving a professional-looking wig installation has never been easier. Upgrade your wig game today and enjoy the confidence of a seamless and secure fit!

Melting Spray + Melt Band


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