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Custom Color is only offered for TaylorMade Units. 


All prices include the color and the labor.


Color can be very tedious and time consuming depending on the color you are looking to accomplish. Please provide a picture of your desired color inspiration. Please keep in mind that all hair takes color differently and there are no guarantees that you will get an exact replica of the color you want but we will get it as close as possible. Please provide a picture of your desired colored via text to (813)-391-2096 with your name, and order number.


Color Options:

Jet Black-  the entire bundle from root to end is colored Jet black.

Blonde or Red- can be the entire bundle, a dark root or ombre (please specify exactly how you want the color done). There are different shades of blondes and reds, by providing a picture it will give a better idea of the exact color you're going for.

Highlights- the price is for blonde highlights only. this is when the bundle has one or even multiple shades of blonde added throughout the bundle. Highlights can be chunky (in large sections) or subtle (very small sections). 

Fantasy-fantasy colors are colors that are out of the ordinary (blues,purple,orange green for example). It also goes for 613 hair. If you want to color, highlight or tone 613 hair it is considered a specialty and falls in the category of a fantasy color.



Custom Color


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