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The Epitome of Protective Styling

Enjoy the luxury of popping your unit off and on while also being able to maintain healthy hair underneath.

Taylor. Owner of TaylorMade Stylez

While serving Tampa, FL and surrounding areas for the past 8 years, my ultimate goal  has been to provide protective styling offering a variety of quality units with many styles and colors to choose from.


I value the integrity of my natural hair,

and began to wear wigs once my real hair became damaged over time from color, and heat damage from regular blow outs.  After wearing wigs for a while, I finally saw significant growth to my real hair.


"It's the gift that keeps giving."  I like to switch up my hair frequently, and custom units gave me the ability to do so while also growing my hair simultaneously.  My options are limitless! I can go from long black hair for brunch to short blonde hair for dinner; wigs gave me the luxury of versatility. 

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Bring Your Own Bundles. Supply bundles and have your wig constructed.

Supply your own bundles to have a wig constructed with the TaylorMade touch.

Tampa Wig Maintenance Revamp Service. How to take care and manage your wigs.

Wig Maintenance

Give your wig a little TLC with a cleanse, deep condition, and style with our wig maintenance service.

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